What we do?

Independent insight, expertise and opinion are invaluable for obtaining an-other perspective and adding depth to design-research efforts.

We are independent and designing such research efforts, including software and hardware prototypes, consultatively. We have a prototype for rapid crop-ecology monitoring, morphology, water & soil chemistry analysis, optimised for field acquisition, followed by hardware-accelerated processing, to develop crop models on a cadastral scale.

In other words, we have developed rapid monitoring protocols for farm field-scale standing crops and surface water analysis. Prototyped an ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometer workflow for testing samples of soil and water. We intend to use very high resolution photography for crop morphology monitoring and, once sufficient data has been collected in controlled conditions and from the field, for crop modeling.

keywords: crop monitoring, photogrammetry, technical imaging, development consulting


We have also studied full body scanning, draping, modeling, soft body collision simulations, and model locomotion.

We're listening

If a specific problem related to our expertise needs a rethink, get in touch.

What we're working on

For instance, we had embarked on a coffee and cereal crop research project, from coffee crop health monitoring to market linkages.

Documentary photography

We've been honing out photography skills to become better documentary photographers, as well.